Review: 4.5 stars to With All My Soul by Rachel Vincent

Published April 7, 2013 by katheryn13


What does it mean when your school is voted the most dangerous in America? It’s time to kick some hellion butt…
After not really surviving her junior year (does “undead” count as survival?), Kaylee Cavanaugh has vowed to take back her school from the hellions causing all the trouble. She’s going to find a way to turn the incarnations of Avarice, Envy and Vanity against one another in order to protect her friends and finish this war, once and forever.

But then she meets Wrath and understands that she’s closer to the edge than she’s ever been. And when one more person close to her is taken, Kaylee realizes she can’t save everyone she loves without risking everything she has….

Awww what a cute ending and bravo to Rachel Vincent for ending a tremendous book series on a relatively happy note! I’m so pleased.

So to start this review off, I must say,  I only had one minor complaint and that’s Kaylee’s behaviour. The fact she was so willing to risk her own (undead) life was very annoying in parts, but I suppose I could see why, and you know, it all worked out alright in the end. I’ll try for limited spoilers in this but I can’t promise…what I can’t keep. xD

I have loved the Soul Screamers books since…well the start. They’ve had their ups and downs, some books better than others, but over all, the story has been consistant and the writing has been A* all around. I’ve gone through times of hating one or more characters at one time or another, and I’ve wanted to smack them til the cows come home sometimes, but then I’ve just..loved them. For their bravery, for their trust, for their love. I mean…damn, I wish I had friends willing to risk/sacrifice themselves just to keep me safe or rescue me from Hellions in the Netherworld. Uh…Okay, perhaps that’s a bit extreme.

in ‘With All My Soul’ things are coming to a climax in the best and worst ways possible. Emma is dealing with her new…situation, Sophie is now part of the ‘gang’ even if she is bitchy, and Sabine…well I’ve come to like her. And that’s saying something considering I wanted her DEAD in the other books. I mean, ffs she tried to get rid of Kaylee just to get to Nash! How rude.
Anyway, now they’ve got more problems due to other…family members going missing. And it gets from bad to worse because they can’t find them to get them back. And making deals with a Hellion is not ideal, especially Hellion of Wrath. Oh my god, did I love Ira. I’m sorry; yes he was evil, and liked to feed on anger, but BY GOLLY WAS HE HOT! So the description wasn’t completely easy to understand, but I could just imagine this tall dude dressed like some emo rocker and smooth looks…Like “well hello there cowboy, wanna hop on mama’s bike?” *fans self*
And yes, okay, he was…sketchy, to say the least. That’s the problem with evil doers from hell, they always come with a price.

But he turns out to be pretty stand up guy/hellion and he gained my respect, even if he was damned creepy sometimes. Avari on the other hand…what an asshole. He was at his full strength of hideousness in this final instalment, and that made me hate him more. I would call him a douche but I’m British and that word makes NO sense. So I’ll stick with creepy.

Tod’s dedication to Kaylee…My heart swelled with it. He would have done anything to keep her home, safe, alive (well, sort of) as long as it meant she didn’t risk her soul. Because that…is ultimately what her plan was/is/might have been. No spoilers. It gets SO good and you have to read this (unless you haven’t read the others in the series in which case I highly recommend you read those first, yeah?) because you will not be disappointed in the result. I assure you.
The ending was sad, heartfelt, but overall sweet and…I guess bittersweet. Some part of me was expecting an epilogue, and if you know me, I HATE epilogues, so that’s saying something. I guess I just didn’t/don’t want this series to end. What am I going to read now? *sobs*

There is probably much more I could say about this…but right now, I think I’ve said all there needs to be said.

So…without further ado…I give you…
My final farewell to Kaylee Cavanaugh. Tod Hudson. Nash Hudson. And…well…everyone else. *waves* See you in the next life, buddies.


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