4 stars to Fractured by Teri Terry

Published April 15, 2013 by katheryn13

How do you know where to go when you don’t remember where you came from?

Kyla’s memory has been erased,
her personality wiped blank,
her memories lost for ever.

Or so she thought.

Kyla shouldn’t be able to remember anything. But she can – and she’s beginning to realise that there are a lot of dark secrets locked away in her memories. When a mysterious man from her past comes back into her life, she thinks she’s on her way to finding the truth. But the more she learns about her history, the more confusing her future becomes…

There may or may not be spoilers ahead, depending on what you class  a spoiler, and/or what you just don’t want to read, or whatever. I try. I really do, but sometimes…it’s very hard.

Right, well. That was a whirlwind.

I absolutely adored Slated, and couldn’t believe my luck that I’d found a book that was so…  intriguing, well written, well plotted, well rounded characters (well, most of them), AND in a dystopian world. I mean, how often does that come about? For me, not as often as I’d like.

Slated ended on a somewhat intense cliff hanger, leaving readers to wonder what exactly would Kyla do next. And who exactly was she before she was Slated? And not only did we want to find out, but so did many of the characters that were in the story. Kyla was a mystery, and that’s partly why I was so sucked into this world and the plot because with each clue, with each memory, I wanted to KNOW who and what she was and could do. Fair enough, now, in Fractured, she DID get on my nerves a little a times, hence the 4stars. I found her lack of common sense a bit…draining on my patience. I mean, girl, if someone who has BRAINS tells you NOT TO GO AFTER SOMEONE BECAUSE IT IS DANGEROUS then you should DAMN WELL LISTEN TO HIM!

But of course, Kyla (Rain…Lucy…whoever she is) doesn’t have common sense and therefore ignores warnings. As for her identity, she’s being pushed and pulled in numerous directions, told what she should and shouldn’t be doing, who she should and shouldn’t be, and you know… I was SO glad when the penny finally dropped and she was like, “wow. I don’t have to do what they say. Or be who they want. My decision is my own, not theirs.” *claps* Well f**king done, girl! I mean, it took her a long time to get there, but she finally made it to the crest of the hill and now I need to know…Will she manage to get her own back at the Lorders? Those guys remind me of Storm Troopers. I don’t know what it is…

Okay, so perhaps I’m spoiling a little here, but if you haven’t read Slated, then either way, this whole thing is a spoiler.

But I just got so caught up. I wanted to know where Ben went to, and then new people come into this and I’m like “noooo they’re sketchy!”

I never did like Kyla’s dad, and to be honest, Amy got on my nerves also. She was always so…nosy and wanting to know what Kyla was up to, much like her mum but at least SHE didn’t act all…well, my best word is ‘sketchy’ right now. The whole book leads up to one big event that TOTALLY goes, pardon the expression, “tits up” because…well, you’ll see.

There’s also Nico…I at first had my suspicions about him, and then gradually I started to like him. I’ll leave the rest a blank.

A certain girl who disappeared in Slated reappears and she brings enough conflict that it sidetracks you from what is ultimately happening here. There’s so much going on, which makes it hard sometimes to fully understand, and when one minute you’re asking “what just happened?” the next page everything is explained, so you’re not hanging for long.

I am so excited to find out the conclusion in book 3 which is currently untitled, but I’m sure it’ll be a wicked name.

I think I got everything in there that I could. Either way, if you haven’t read Slated, you should. And then you have to read Fractured, because…well…duh!


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