5 stars to Ferryman by Claire McFall

Published August 7, 2013 by katheryn13

When teenager Dylan pulls herself free from a train wreck and emerges onto an almost deserted Scottish hillside, she believes she is the only survivor. Seeing the figure of a boy on the bank she enlists his help. But Tristan is no ordinary passerby, and Dylan soon learns that instead of being the only survivor of the wreck, she is in fact the only fatality. And, Tristan is no normal teenage boy – he is her ferryman tasked with guiding her through the wasteland to her afterlife. As the pair journey further together through the dangerous wraith-infested wasteland, they fall deeply in love. When they reach the other side, Tristan promises to cross over with Dylan, but when she steps across the threshold and turns back, he is not there. Confronted with life without Tristan, Dylan vows to find him, but that means traversing the dangerous wasteland without a guide – A truly moving, epic love story, that’s exciting, scary, funny, thought-provoking and truly original.


Thought provoking indeed! I mean…WOW.

Ferryman is one of those books I never in a million years expected to pick up, let alone love beyond anything. I mean, this story involves DEATH and crossing ugly ass wastelands where wraiths attack you at any given moment. I don’t like death, as I have said in another book review about death. Really,I must be torturing myself. I had read other reviews, and was warned about how many chapters it might take for things to get going, and to be honest, I wasn’t that bothered by the pace because I loved the characters. Still, it was nice to warned. :P As much as this is essentially about “passing on”…this…this book was so much MORE. There’s intense, overwhelming, heartbreaking…





And anyone that knows me KNOWS I am not a sappy-dappy person who reads loads of love stories but this one was…beautiful. I don’t even use that word much, but it truly was.

Dylan (I was like “what kind of girls name is that?!) meets Tristan when she climbs out of a train wreck. She does not know she’s the only one to not have survived and when Tristan is surly and rude to her, yet demands she follow him, she can’t understand why this stranger appeals to her so much. What is it about this boy, this really yummy boy, if I can say, that she can’t ignore?

Tristan is not your average human, in fact, he isn’t human. He’s a ferryman, come to lead the souls to the place they belong…which is over a line…leading to their final destination. But for Tristan, things get technical when he starts feeling things he has never felt before. Why is he, after thousands of souls, suddenly caring for Dylan?

I loved their connection, and how Dylan seemed to accept things quickly (maybe a little too quickly) but she did seem to act older than most 15/16yr olds. I wasn’t 100% sure how old she was, actually.  Tristan had always delivered his souls with absolute indifference to each one, and now this stubborn girl is testing his limits and he doesn’t just leave her.

Oh man, Tristan is like my favourite fictional guy. Move away Noah, step back Adrian, sling your hook, Will Herondale, there’s a new guy in town.

I’m sorry, but any guy that cares that deeply about a girl that is stupid enough to go to the otherside and then want to go back and find him, and he STILL loves her, he deserves an award. I was screaming at Dylan for some of her stupid moves. She seemed to swing from mature to childish like a yo-yo. Which, to be fair, I can do that, too. But at least I’m not wandering a wasteland.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It’s basically just Dylan and Tristan. Together. And slowly you see their relationship grow until I’m almost at the point of bursting because dammit if one particular scene didn’t make me ugly cry, grin happily then cry again. I hadn’t even finished the BOOK!

When I finally got the end…I will admit there was worry, I was scared things had gone terribly wrong. But then it HAPPENED and …



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