4.5 stars to Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

Published October 17, 2013 by katheryn13

Cas Lowood, armed with his late father’s athame knife, kills ghosts. In Thunder Bay, Anna, forever 16, drips blood on her white dress from throat slit in 1958, and rips apart anyone who enters her house – except Cas. He makes new friends – high school queen Carmel, jock Will, admiring nerd Thomas and Tom’s voodoo grandpa Morfran – to fight this demon.





This was an interesting story about a guy ghost hunter and Anna, a girl who was murdered 50 years ago, by whom, well, we don’t know. (Okay, so I do. But I’m not telling.)

I liked the fact it wasn’t all glossy and it didn’t shy away from gory detail. But I also didn’t find it scary or nightmarish. I just enjoyed it for what it was. At times my toes curled as Cas described what he’d had to deal with in his line of hunting, and killing.

The plot moved along fairly nicely, not too fast that I felt like I was on a runway about to crash,  but also not too slow. I found myself excited to meet Anna, and when she was introduced, I instantly loved her. She’s feisty, haunted, freaky…just well, a psycho ghost, to be honest. I did find it strange that Cas (short for Cassio) felt an instant connection. But I guess to him he was fascinated, intrigued as to how she became that way and how he could fix her. But, I mean, she’s dead. There’s not much in the way of ‘fixing’ you can do.

Cas had a solemn but quirky personality and liked to work on his own. I felt attached to him. So when other people started to get in his business, or wanted to join him, I wished I could swat them away. I could understand why he didn’t want to be responsible for anyone but himself. It means if anyone got hurt, it would be himself, and he wouldn’t have to deal with the guilt than if it was someone else. But people did get hurt. Well, killed. It wasn’t such a tragedy though, since they were people I didn’t like.

Aside from that, Carmel was a nice enough girl, although rich and bitchy at times, she really wasn’t the epitome of the queen B of high school. She grew on me. But Thomas didn’t. Cas might have softened towards him, but not me. And I found myself wanting him to leave. Ugh. Some characters just don’t get the hint!

I liked the whole witchcraft and voodoo involvement and it added some extra spark to what the main story is about. Although some aspects maybe got on my nerves a bit, I over all enjoyed this and can’t wait to try out Girl of Nightmares.




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