5 stars to The Fiery Heart (Bloodlines #4) by Richelle Mead

Published December 4, 2013 by katheryn13


Sydney always believed that alchemists were born to protect vampire secrets and human lives – until she met Marcus and turned her back on everything she once knew.

But she’s not free yet. When her sister Zoe arrives, Sydney can only tell her half-truths about her past. And with every word she risks exposure – and the fatal consequences.

Consumed by passion and vengeance, Sydney must choose her path once and for all. Even if that means harnessing her magical powers to destroy the way of life she was raised to defend..


I officially hate cliff hangers of ANY kind. I used to be okay with the odd cliffy. Yknow the ones that don’t leave your blood boiling, your heart racing, the panic rising because you need to know WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!

The Fiery Heart has to be one of the BEST and at the same time, WORST, in cliff hangers. But enough about how it broke me.

In this forth instalment, Adrian and Sydney are in luuuuuurve *insert hearts everywhere* and together…very MUCH together. *swoons* I adore these two. I was always a big fan of Adrian with Rose (much to others dislike.) but now I just can’t get enough of “Sydrian” (Yeah I’m not a big fan of ship names, either.) Anyway, now that’s done, things are not smooth sailing. Since Sydney has once and for all cut her ties – hypothetically – with her Alchemist crew in her mind, the people in said crew don’t actually know a thing about what she’s up to. And too right. If they found out, she’d be…s.c.r.e.w.e.d.

Then comes the threat in the form of Zoe, Sydney’s younger sister. Such a whiny, annoying biatch, I just wanted that girl GONE! And I don’t care how violently. Yeah, I wasn’t warming to this brat. She’s infuriating! *deep calming breaths* But thankfully this isn’t the Zoe Show, and *Sydrian* manage to keep their romance flowing somewhat stealthily, until Sydney sees their father and panic sets in. Suddenly she needs to figure out how to make her tattoo broken completely.

Adrian, however, has his own troubles with Spirit (as well as the drinking kind) when it starts to take its toll, after having helped out Lissa (I was SO pleased to have the old gang in this because I missed them so much!) and some goings on at Court. Another trip gets hot and bothered (no spoilers), but not before Sydney finds out about Adrian’s rather dirty past.

Plenty of magic, Ms Terwilliger, Adrian one liners and… Hopper.

Fiery Heart was bumper ride after bumper ride, leaving me breathless, anxious, excited…and a whole lot of AWWWWWWW MAAAAN! moments that never seemed to end. The second half gets increasingly more tentative, but goddammit, I can’t say anymore for fear I’ll say too much. As always, I love LOVE Richelle’s writing, and more so do I love these characters. I have become so invested in them that I couldn’t live with myself if anything happened to them. So please, fix it all for book five? Yes, thank you. Not that anything happens. Y’know, just the usual. *zips lips*

Waiting in earnest for Silver Shadows, which I believe is out next July. Too far away, but oh well.

And so, I leave you with one tiny quote that I believe says it all:

“The centre will hold.”


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