5 stars to The Cursed Ones (A Crusade Novel) by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguié

Published January 10, 2014 by katheryn13

For the past two years, Jenn has been secretly
training to be a Hunter, learning to defend
humanity against the vampire uprising. Her
home city is now a vampire stronghold and when
she visits as a lone hunter, separated from her team,
she puts herself at risk. Craving the support of her
fighting partner, Antonio – and his touch – she finds
herself betrayed by someone close. Her relationship
with Antonio holds its own dangers, but right now
Jean needs someone she can trust…



For a vampire story, this is definitely down as one of my favourites.  Creepy, gritty, and romantic, The Cursed Ones is full of what you want in a supernatural. 

What’s so great is the vampires, they’re typical. And while “a typical vampire” might seem boring sometimes, these are that and more. They are vicious, hungry, soulless, merciless beings. And there’s enough gruesome in this to turn a pig off mud. (Weird analogy, eh?) 

I’m not going to go an slam every other vampire book out there. Much like with The Immortal Rules, this has its elements of truth in terms of myth. When it’s compared to Twilight saga, sure it’s like a lion vs a lamb (woah there!) but in honesty, vampires as a whole can be however the hell they like. They’re fictional. Mythical. Not real. If a writer wanted to have a vampire be a nun and only drink orange juice to keep alive, then so be it! 

*deep breath* There, my little moment over with. 

I love Antonio. I admired the way he tries to stay as far from his true self as possible, and his belief in God is so…well, I can’t say “inspiring” because personally I’m much like Jenn, but it’s definitely “something.” It’s also heartbreaking how much he loves Jenn but he can’t be with her the way he wants. 

Now, for Jenn, wow she’s a strong character. Although extremely insecure, she’s also very brave and that’s what, to me, makes her one of my top heroines. She doesn’t get balshy, she doesn’t make orders or act pretentious, but when it comes to someone or something she loves, she stands by her morals and doesn’t let anyone tell her otherwise. Which in itself is admirable. I wish I could have her guts. (Not literally, of course.) Her family are so very like many families out there when it comes to certain issues (although maybe not vampire related) and the fact Jenn does what she thinks is best for HER is again another strong point to her personality. When her sister, Heather, falls into trouble, I honestly couldn’t stop hoping it would work out. How her father had behaved, was utterly terrible as well.

As for the other characters central to the story, I liked how they each had their own story and the chapters were divided up by POV’s. Sometimes I did get a bit confused on which pov I was reading, but that didn’t last long. The lives’ they each had been dealt with are so different, it felt to me like they were real.

Jamie was both annoying and ignorant and so damned rude, but I kinda liked him. Holgar was probably my favourite next to Jenn and Skye. I didn’t think much to Eriko.

I can’t wait for book 2, if and when that appears. 


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